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It’s not too long. @maxkevincomedy

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USA bday, royal family, voices, native speakers
July 4, 2020
unsubscribe, 4th of July, beach bodies, joke timing, bootleg fireworks
July 3, 2020
Dark season 3, meth addicts, UFC recap
June 28, 2020
little Italy, Poirier v Hooker, Dark season 3 
June 27, 2020
bombing on stage, translation bullshit
June 25, 2020
wrong address, translation errors, UFC parlay bet
June 24, 2020
migraines, translations, stock market, Comedy Palace, band groupies
June 22, 2020
UFC, bonfire, being successful, drunk people, false advertising  
June 20, 2020
new jokes, Chris D'elia
June 17, 2020
productivity, BLM protest in foreign countries, protest flirting, 8:46, superior culture  (Also I said 15k deaths but I meant 1500 hehe oopsies)
June 14, 2020

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