The Little Cutie Podcast

A daily podcast by San Diego based comedian MAX Kevin. @maxkevincomedy


Episodes Date

money tree, pot sizes, dirt bags
January 27, 2020
bummer, work ethic, diamond forgiveness, live a good life 
January 26, 2020
movie night, sketch comedy, roast battles, 1 original joke, the comedy ether
January 25, 2020
brewery staff meeting, time wasters, dream come true
January 22, 2020
NFL playoffs, soccer rules, McGreggor shoulders, Nasrat Haqparast
January 19, 2020
Bobby's World, Life with Louie, The Tick, Spiderman, X-Men, UFC 246, Nigerian languages
January 18, 2020
paparazzi, negative thoughts, gorillas, free will, evolution
January 16, 2020
open mic life, San Diego's funniest person, random room objects, OC comic
January 15, 2020
piddle, football colors, monday open mic, grammars
January 13, 2020
prison cells, OB open mic, down pillows, productive routine, Japanese comedy set, asian writing systems
January 10, 2020

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