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It’s the Little Cutie Podcast. A few minutes of comedy, every day.


Episodes Date

flyers, good performance, star struck, life story, keto
September 21, 2019
buck up, picked 1st, self-promotion, comedian twins, formulaic jokes, area 51 raid
September 18, 2019
NFL Sunday, ant invasion, party with mah boys, bad writing
September 15, 2019
volunteering, barking, Death Stranding, weddings 
September 14, 2019
don't wanna study, Berlin Wall, gestapo club, kitchen trashcan  
September 12, 2019
I forgot 9-11, Japanese meetup, no parking
September 11, 2019
NFL opening day, Philip Rivers, steroids, V is for Vain, $20 per minute
September 9, 2019
Khabib v Porrier, 30-27, depressed set, generation gap, 3/4 ass shorts
September 7, 2019
1.5 speed binge, be spontaneous, investment lady, MR steak, Dirtbags vs Douche Cannons, little league, tongue evolution, booing is more fun, tired performance 
September 4, 2019
native pronunciation, google directions, winery, Skaggs, Dave Chappelle
August 30, 2019

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