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bday pizza, beer varieties, ice cream, drug addicts
July 22, 2019
slightly hungover, cos players, SD bars, pool party, sausagefest, terrible rooms, pizza is not keto friendly
July 21, 2019
Go Lounge, facebook, Franz Ferdinand, hosting, riffing, lease is up
July 19, 2019
comic cards, nerd culture, Captain Marvel, Go Lounge
July 18, 2019
performing while sleepy, reading class, study practice repeat, scheduling, part time job
July 17, 2019
bad words, amazon prime day, open mic waiting list, comedy students get priority, bad teachers
July 15, 2019
Urijah Faber, Germaine De Randamie, ufc sexism, accents
July 14, 2019
spoiler alert, suspend your disbelief, uniform smuggling, huge air vents, real life ending, monster strength, oh Billy
July 13, 2019
Go Lounge, Winston's, durksuses, learning through music, the global banking mafia
July 12, 2019
comedy analysis, no name, making friends, broken promises, terrible open mic system
July 11, 2019

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