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Wednesday Oct 30, 2019

inside voices, cultural appropriation, stand up, nasal spray, wrasslin

Sunday Oct 27, 2019

neighborhood block party, Sprouts, dog wash, egg quality, real estate

Saturday Oct 26, 2019

candy for breakfast, costumes, podcast terms of service, by myself

LCP 560: Let's See

Thursday Oct 24, 2019

Thursday Oct 24, 2019

saving lives, flies

Monday Oct 21, 2019

old man Weidman, stolen joke, 90s greatest hits karaoke, Watchmen, low effort comics

Friday Oct 18, 2019

12 month unpaid vacation, UFC fight night, autonomic nervous system, Halloween, future decisions

Tuesday Oct 15, 2019

30 min after eating, entanglement, peer respect, the Irishman

LCP 556: $50 Comedy Contest

Monday Oct 14, 2019

Monday Oct 14, 2019

Death Stranding, drug addicts, catatonic comic, upset win

Sunday Oct 13, 2019

new byline, not my crowd, home alone, kill count, Chargers, Kevin Hart, free healthcare

Wednesday Oct 09, 2019

new listeners, youtube prank, JP Sears, similar jokes, lucky duck

Monday Oct 07, 2019

fart quality, no doubt, 10 steps to build confidence

Sunday Oct 06, 2019

bandwagon, bad strategy, Philip Rivers, bad predictions 

Saturday Oct 05, 2019

cocaine, early bird, Italiano, betting odds, UFC 243

Friday Oct 04, 2019

Arabic coffee, dates

Thursday Oct 03, 2019

Kip Thorne, gravitational waves, Tourette's syndrome, space movies

Wednesday Oct 02, 2019

no customers, politicians are full of shit, constant influx of no talent, ancient Greek philosophy, writer's block

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