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Sunday Jun 28, 2020

Dark season 3, meth addicts, UFC recap

Saturday Jun 27, 2020

little Italy, Poirier v Hooker, Dark season 3 

Thursday Jun 25, 2020

bombing on stage, translation bullshit

LCP 668: I'm a Degenerate Gambler

Wednesday Jun 24, 2020

Wednesday Jun 24, 2020

wrong address, translation errors, UFC parlay bet

Monday Jun 22, 2020

migraines, translations, stock market, Comedy Palace, band groupies

Saturday Jun 20, 2020

UFC, bonfire, being successful, drunk people, false advertising  

Wednesday Jun 17, 2020

new jokes, Chris D'elia

Sunday Jun 14, 2020

productivity, BLM protest in foreign countries, protest flirting, 8:46, superior culture (Also I said 15k deaths but I meant 1500 hehe oopsies)

Thursday Jun 11, 2020

Little Cutie PS5 live stream fight companion

LCP 662: Defund the DMV

Tuesday Jun 09, 2020

Tuesday Jun 09, 2020

new jokes, depression, driver's licence

Sunday Jun 07, 2020

UFC 250 little cutie fight companion (without Joe Rogan)

Thursday Jun 04, 2020

Rite Aid, Costco, gold, rational markets, racial jokes, inappropriate, Cartman

Monday Jun 01, 2020

depressing podcast, Space Force, In the Line of Fire, Rene Russo, Mr. Destiny, one joke pony, selfish

Sunday May 31, 2020

Asians v Jews, Caucasians v Anglo-Saxons, Taiwan v China, rubber bullets, Woodley v Burns, DDs v weight cutting

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